Our Support


Our relationship with the customer begins as soon as the first contact has been made. Service maybe the sector that needs the customer oriented approach. Our systems and solutions have excellent quality and endurance. but like living things they need regular upkeep and maintenance to perform consistently at their best. Care is all the more necessary of all the greater demand the time places on manufacturers for fast delivery.

From cradle to grave is the Cellmec service principle. Through dose relationship with our customers. we keep an eye on the systems or solutions we deliver.


Through Personal training we contribute to the development of the region. We considered that one of the responsibilities of an industry leader. Training the people who will take the responsibility for tomomow is enormously important for the region. CHImes has the conviction that an industry leader is responsible for the region’s economy and the development.
This is why we have invested in Cellmec center of excellence. Here we provide technical assistance on our products & services i.e. TERASAKI, PULSAR , BENSHAW etc.

We do everything we can for our customers, this attitude has lead to a strong confidence that we inspire with our customers.