We strive to create a sense of community where teamwork, individuality and diversity are valued, respected, and encouraged. Our business results depend on the drive, dedication, state-of- art skills and knowledge of every one at Ateyatalla Group. Underlying our Mission is the determination to seek new and creative ways of addressing all parts, while holding deep respect for the individuals, inside and outside of the company, and for the communities of which they area part of.


To operate the companies in a way that actively recognizes the central role the business plays in the structure of the society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life of a broader community – Local, National & International.

Economic Mission

To operate the company on sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our shareholders and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees.

Our Philanthropy

The Group realizes its role as a responsible corporate citizen and dedicates 5% earnings to its corporate social responsibility to support and uplift the underprivileged in the community.

  • 2.5% as “Zakat” to be spend on supporting needy families of the community.
  • 2.5% to support educational needs of the deserving employees’ children

Or Corporate Social Responsibility

For Atyetallah Holdings corporate social responsibility (CSR) encompasses the economic, environmental and social aspects of our business and our interactions with our stakeholders. Furthermore, our view of CSR is consistent with the definition of sustainability: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

A sustainable world needs sustainable business.  Our challenge is to further increase our long-term competitiveness with minimal impact on people and the environment, while generating maximumvalue for our local and global stakeholders.