Person-to-Person: the secret of our success.

Cellmec builds systems to support changing times. Our customers relay on our total solutions. Our watchword is “SOLUTIONS.”  Solutions that help us help you. Production must always be undertaken with the user in mind and the producer must first understand the user’s mind. By listening to the customers and discussing the problems that need solving, we work towards being a total solution provider. Greater satisfaction for the customer is our central goal.

We follow this thought process for the services Cellmec provides.

The direct-dialogue approach is not our only area of strength. On-going research and development is another. R&D requires not only complete knowledge of the customer’s needs, but product development skill and the kind of creativity that incorporate those needs into new systems as well. It’s based on our user-oriented approach, which always puts the customer at the top of the priority list.

Cellmec has a global vision in towards the needs of the society. We are deeply concerned about the relationship between humanity and our environment. Cellmec is an investor in people and environment.

Strength in Cellmec.

A team of skilled engineers, technicians and workers, supported by state of the art facility to provide solutions and support for fulfilling the need for the broad-spectrum electrical-mechanical engineering and process control works challenges existing in domestic and industrial sectors of the regional economies.


Khailfa Al Dahrani visit in 2004

Dinner with Mr. Terasaki

With Mr Terasaki in Osaka

with Ray Wright Siemens

with Ray Wright Siemens

Mr Ateyatalla at Hanover

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