Dedicated to provide specialized services of rubber and polyurethane cast and extruded products to cater for emergency needs of industries like Asry, Alba, GPIC, Gramco, and Petrochemical industries. Our services are listed here under but are not limited.

  • Rubber lining of valves and pipes
  • Relining of rubber and polyurethane rolls
  • Cast and extruded  rubber Products
  • Cast polyurethane products
  • Roller lagging services

Ateyatalla Polymer Industries (API) flexibility in terms of innovative solutions and quick deliveries put it on top of the list of major industries such as ASRY and ALBA.

One can depend on Ateyatalla Polymer Industries (API) to produce custom rubber and polyurethane parts that maybe needed urgently and short notice.

Ateyatalla Polymer Industries (API) dedicates itself to serving industry as a one stop resource for all of your custom polymer needs.