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PLC’s or programmable logic controllers lies at the heart of control systems engineering. Our extensive knowledge and experience enables us to integrate PLC’s with new or existing plant equipment. Over the years, we have developed links with major technology suppliers such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, ABB, and many more. We are able to program small PLC’s up to large multi-rack configurations with several hundred I/O and man machine interfaces, SCADA, operator interfaces and remote control systems using the latest communications technology. We offer complete architecture design solutions that includes everything from field instrument such as actuator and flow meters, asset management, condition monitoring, maintenance systems, and historian to real-time data analysis.

Cellmec offers comprehensive in-house SCADA system solutions that include software design, programming, testing, installation and commissioning. We are fully conversant with a vast range of SCADA platforms, including Wonderware and LabView, and we can provide both small stand-alone solutions as well as large complex network architecture solutions for major projects


“As an independent system integrator, Cellmec can work to provide the most advanced automation and control solutions tailored to its client’s business needs. Our team has years of valuable experience in implementing control systems that promote the vision of the end users.”


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