Chairperson’s Thoughts

I would like to thank “Allah Subhan-o-Tala” for giving me the strength and energy to contribute to Ateyatalla Group’s continued evolution. I also hope that the Ateyatalla Family is satisfied in the manner I have carried forward the work that late Mr. Ateyatalla entrusted on me. The “Family Vision” reflects the dream of Mr. Ateyatalla and we the Family will continue to follow the same.
Ateyatalla Group is a continuously volving group evolving group of companies with the main focus on Engineering Products, Systems & Services to support and complement the regional Development. It is also endeavoring to diversify as required will co. It will continue to strive towards excellence with consideration on outlook on the future of industry, the environment and lifestyle.

For 30 years the role we are playing in the life are diversifying and compounding as we welcome the new stage of evolution in the 21st Century. The age where Efficiency & Reliability in Products, Systems and Services are becoming a top priority and the pressing needs of this age of environment.

The diary you are holding in your hand is not a piece of advertising material. It carries the scope of activities’ that help us help you. It also carries some useful hints to help you to help yourself. Also embedded are some philosophical ideas that may enrich your mind and soul. Of course all these are based on personal experiences with no obligation to be adopted or followed. It also provides you with ample space to scribble down and evolve your own ideas and thoughts. For us, our vision continues uninterrupted with a focus on commitment to the community around us.